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  • Vision Research
  • Photo and Photo Answers
  • Popular Photography and Photo.Fr
  • Adobe and Wacom
  • Tineye and Stolen Camera Finder and Image Raider
  • Dear Photograph
  • HiViz and Tilt Shift and Gigapan
  • Picture Frames and Frame USA
  • The Impossible Project
  • Lens Hero
  • Lytro
  • Photo Forensics
  • Flickr and Photobucket 
  • Big Huge Labs and JPG Fun
  • Snapfish and Shutterfly and SmugMug
  • Photo District News and Photo Icon and Rangefinder
  • B&H Photo and Ritz Camera and Samy's Camera
  • Ansel Adams
  • Digital Photography Review and Snapsort
  • CU Photography
  • Digichromatography
  • Canon and Nikon
  • Model Mayhem
  • Life Magazine Images
  • Taschen
  • Stock.xchng and Morguefile and Stockvault and EveryStock
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    The Librarian Likes:

    A simple photo printer with a fancy technology(dye sublimation).

    . These are the new fangled digital photo frames in case you want to avoid the whole paper thing.