Tools you can use....

Meet People Places chosen just for you...

  • GoComics
  • Desmos Graphing Calculator
  • PBS Kids and and Fed Ed
  • Girl Scouts and Girls Inc and WriteGirl
  • School House Rock and Sesame Street 
  • Smithsonian Institute and Discovery Kids 
  • Toys R Us and Oompa and Ehobbies and Monkey Bean
  • Folkmanis and The Jim Henson Company
  • Nickelodeon and Disney
  • Kid's Health
  • OnGuard Online
  • Crayola
  • DIY
  • ThinkQuest
  • Odyssey of the Mind
  • Seussville
  • Invent Now and 826 National and FFFBI
  • Code Academy and iD Tech Camp
  • Kidz Bop
  • Weekly Reader and Ask Kids 
  • Webkinz and Poptropica and Hello Kitty
  • Starfall and Paw Island and FactHound
  • Activity TV and Khan Academy
  • International Children's Digital Library and Questia
  • Ask a Librarian: IPL...LOC...GIO...NYPL
  • University of the People and Open Culture and WEU
  • Annenberg Media and Academic Earth and Open Courseware
  • OpenStax College and Boundless
  • Nations Online
  •        The librarian is society's caretaker of ideas. In humanity's thirst for knowledge, he/she is the humble bartender. Whether you arrive with a curious question, a desire to learn, the need to laugh, a quest for riches, or the simple wish for clarity, your drink will be served right up. One good stiff swig will lead you to another. When you are good and ready for something different, come on back and taste another archetype.  

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    A lap desk to do your last minute homework.

    The only one you need. Less than $125. Go.

    Who needs crayons? You need crayons!    
    Plenty of Play-Doh just for you.  


    Let's build something with LEGOs!